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We will take deep dives into the latest thinking and concepts, stock your toolkit with premium resources and give you opportunities to develop your capabilities in a hands-on learning environment.


By using a human centered design approach to problem solving and opportunity exploring, you’ll build your confidence by testing and experimenting in the lab before proposing ideas to your organisation.


Bias for action is what we are all about. Our lab experiences include a practical approach for implementing ideas. Challenging your organisation may not be easy; let’s prepare for those conversations.



Invest in yourself by participating in a unique learning experience

We offer:

Public learning labs

Bespoke learning labs run onsite at your workplace

Upcoming Lab Series - 2019

Following our successful lab experiences in 2018 we are relaunching our labs in a new format!

We’ve taken feedback from the People Labs community and iterated to create a series of labs that spread learning across three weeks to allow for workplace experimentation and more opportunities for coaching from us – as well as your peer group! – between sessions.

The below labs are all due to be held in Auckland in the CBD. If you would like the lab series to come to your town - contact us below!

Our Lab Series are $990 incl. GST each. This includes three lab sessions, comprehensive materials and toolkits, coaching and catering.


Employee Experience Series

In this series of labs we will:

  • explore the elements of EX, looking at example organisations that are currently applying this thinking

  • experiment connecting EX and Customer Experience (CX) using a Silicon Valley model

  • create a roadmap for how you can start journey mapping your organisation’s employee experience

Session 1: 2 May EX - Beyond the lifecycle

Session 2: 9 May Creating Personas

Session 3: 16 May Journey Mapping

Each session runs for four hours, 10am - 2pm over three consecutive Thursdays.

The Culture Series

In this series of labs we will:

  • learn about the shifts in what “culture” and “engagement” mean

  • discuss the key drivers for culture and engagement and how to leverage them

  • experiment with new ways to drive culture and engagement in your organisation

Session 1: 3 May Codifying your culture

Session 2: 10 May Emotional climate and engagement drivers

Session 3: 17 May Building a culture model fit for your organisation and influencing culture change

Each session runs for four hours, 10am - 2pm over three consecutive Fridays.

Ways of Working ESSENTIALS Series

In this series of labs we will:

  • investigate the concepts of Agile and Human Centered Design and how they are applied within organisations

  • consider how these concepts could add value to HR W.O.W.

  • prototype how these concepts could improve or optimise a HR deliverable

Session 1: 23 May Design Thinking

Session 2: 30 May Agile HR

Session 3: 9 June Design Sprints

Each session runs for four hours, 10am - 2pm over three consecutive Thursdays.

The Data and Analytics Series

In this series of labs we will:

  • discuss what we should be measuring as people practitioners

  • practice using low cost, readily available tools to start you on your data and analytics journey

  • learn how to leverage your data insights to create value for your organisation

Session 1: 24 May Measuring the right things for your organisation

Session 2: 31 May Tools to start you on your Data and Analytics journey

Session 3: 10 June Using insights from data to create value

Each session runs for four hours, 10am - 2pm over three consecutive Fridays.

Capability Series

In this series of labs we will:

  • look at the research on capability development and the future of work

  • learn how to align your customer experience and capability strategies

  • learn how to move to an agile, design-led learning strategy that meets organisational needs

Session 1: 13 June Identifying the right capabilities to develop for your organisation

Session 2: 20 June Syncing your CX & EX strategies

Session 3: 27 June Rapid deployment of learning where the work happens

Each session runs for four hours, 10am - 2pm over three consecutive Thursdays.

People Plan Series

In this series of labs we will:

  • look at the elements of a people plan and what needs to be included vs nice to haves

  • learn how collaborate with the business to ensure priorities are aligned

  • ideate and create an “ideal” template for a people plan using inspiration from each other and example organisations

Session 1: 14 June Using lean canvas to know your business

Session 2: 21 June Fresh approaches to building your people plan

Session 3: 28 June How to prioritise your people plan and roadmap

Each session runs for four hours, 10am - 2pm over three consecutive Fridays.


Implementing change in your business? Need your entire team to participate? Public dates don’t suit? Or perhaps you have completed training in elements of the above series topics but now looking for something that’s a bit of a mix?

We believe in experiential learning for the benefits of your team being able to learn tools they can immediately take back into the business.

Contact us to arrange bespoke learning for your team.

We can run lab sessions in house for teams of 6+ on all of the above topics (along with others such as facilitation, HR technology, coaching and feedback) tailored to your company’s needs.

A snapshot of some of the companies we have worked with



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Emma Kirkman


Emma is a global organisational development, employee experience and transformation strategist. As a certified coach and skilled facilitator, she supports her fellow people-practitioners by creating insights and building capability so they can challenge their organisations with fresh thinking.

A Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni, Emma has learnt from some of the best HR thought leaders in Silicon Valley from companies such as Uber, Adobe, Atlassian, Google and Zendesk. Emma shares their stories and case studies in the lab sessions as inspiration for ideation and creation of new possibilities.

Emma is a passionate contributor to her professional community and is a trustee on the board of a not-for-profit youth trust.



Pene is a human resources generalist leader. A coach and experienced people and culture mentor, she is passionate about building high growth, scaleable organisations, bringing with her experience working across the world with some of the fastest growing global startups whilst simultaneously running two of her own businesses.

She is passionate about building strong organisational cultures designed for the future of work and leveraging innovations in technology, AI and automation to help organisations, their people practices and ultimately their people thrive.

Pene has a focus on helping people practitioners learn practical skills that can be taken back into their organisations and put into practice straight away.

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